Concepts in Biophysical Chemistry

These notes cover the physical chemistry governing molecular behavior in biological systems. It is meant as a resource for those that want to educate themselves or others in biophysics for chemists.  This is a work in progress, with new topics and updated material being added, and therefore only select topics are covered so far.
These notes place emphasis on statistical thermodynamics and time-dependent processes driven by potential and free energy gradients. Topics include: Hydrophobicity, Brownian Motion and Diffusion, Macromolecular Structure and Mechanics, Protein Folding and Binding, Biochemical Reaction Dynamics, and Membranes. They make extensive use of undergraduate physical chemistry (thermodynamics, kinetics, and statistical mechanics) and assume knowledge of basic undergraduate biochemistry.  
I would like to thank Peter Giunta for his assistance preparing the notes, and Tanya Shpigel for her help preparing the notes, and creating this website.   
— Andrei Tokmakoff